Missing Tile Syndrome | Attitude Of Gratitude | Positive Thinking Motivational Video in Hindi

Hindi Vlog | Missing Tile Syndrome | Feel Thankful for What You Have | Attitude of Gratitude | 8th May Jaipur | Hindi inspirational video | Positive Thinking Motivational Video

This vlog is especially for those viewers who requested us a Hindi vlog.

In this Hindi vlog, Simerjeet Singh, an international motivational speaker, talks about the Missing Tile Syndrome, where he urges everyone to train and re-direct our mindset to look for the things which we are blessed with rather than cribbing about the MISSINGS in life.

Simerjeet explains in this Hindi inspirational video that it is a natural psychological phenomenon to be attracted towards the things, resources, people, opportunities, situations, events, skills, etc which are missing in our life. He inspires to be thankful for what you have and render words of appreciation for everything in our life.

Say thank you for everything you have.

English version of the video is there in our Google talks series.

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