Chi Meditation – Dantian Deep Breathing Exercise

Chi Meditation – Dantian Deep Breathing Exercise
How to gather Chi with a simple breathing exercise. This video explains, step by step, an age old method to gather Chi Energy; Which has been cultivated by Asian cultures for Thousands of years for Health, Well Being, and the things of Legend. Chi is a Powerful energy, and this video shows a very gentle technique to harness it.
Please be sure you are in good physical, spiritual and mental health before attempting to perform any of the techniques in this video. While you are here, please like and share this video, to show your support, and subscribe to the channel to catch “up and coming” material that you don't want to miss! 🙂

Transcript: Asian cultures have been cultivating chi energy for thousands of years and have developed numerous practices for
doing so. In this video I will describe a simple breathing technique to gather chi by gently breathing energy into what is sometimes
referred to as the power button.
The power button is located near the area of the naval and is believed by the majority of energy disciplines to be our most vital energy center, serving as a storage battery for life force.
Think of it like the main power station for the human energy network and when that network is fully charged, we can become capable of way more than we have been led to believe.
This breathing technique can be done by anyone at any time, ranging from an ill person: sick lying in bed who is wanting to be well, all the way up to a powerful warrior who wants to balance their energy or prepare for a challenging endeavor. So let's get started.
First get comfortable and very relaxed and close your eyes. Start breathing in through the nose very gently. So gently in fact, that if there were a feather resting on your nose, the feather would not be disturbed. Softly and slowly breathe in the energy of life, bringing it exclusively down to the area of the belly. The belly should expand and contract while doing these breathing exercises as the chest
remains perfectly still. The chest should remain so still in fact, that if you had a full bowl of water resting on your chest, the water would be undisturbed and not one drop would spill.
While you breathe, only the belly moves. Once your first breath has been taken in and your belly is full of life-giving chi energy, next breathe out any negative energy softly through the mouth. So soft in fact that once again, if there were a feather in your mouth, the feather would remain undisturbed. So in through the nose with the good chi, down to the belly and out with anything negative through the mouth gently.
This slow, soft breathing can take some getting used to. Some teachers recommend actually using a feather on your mouth
and a bowl of water on your chest for practice.
It's as simple as that. So try this technique and see how you feel. Gathering Chi to your main center will support and revitalize our energy activity in the body and is most essential. Go ahead and gather some Chi the next time you get the chance to breathe. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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