11 Tips On How To Concentrate During Meditation

11 Tips on How to Concentrate During Meditation

11 Tips on How to Concentrate During Meditation

I am not able to concentrate on my meditation

It is quite normal for a beginner

What do I do?

Tell me why you are unable to concentrate

1. My mind is trying to deal with urgent matters first

Naturally. Attend to your urgent matters first before starting meditation. Call of nature, hunger, thirst, feeding a child, nursing your mother etc.

2. My mind wanders

It will. Ignore it. Focus on your life force, kundalini. Ignore the thoughts.

3. I start to day dream

Old habit. When you focus your mind on your kundalini force, you will succeed for a few seconds first. And then you will succeed for a minute and then more. Start small to change habit.

4. My mind worries about tomorrow

List them down when you are not meditating. Eradicate them systematically by addressing them using our SKY introspection practices.

5. I get distracted by my passion

Desires need to be moralised. We have a wonderful technique to moralise desires in our sky practices. Learn and practice it regularly.

6. My mind doesn't listen to me

That's because you do not listen to your mind. Practice silence introspection. Listen to your mind. Analyse your thoughts. Mind will calm down.

7. External sounds distract me

Internal sounds will surely distract you more. Take permission from your mind before meditation. Listen to your mind after the meditation. You will succeed.

8. My anxieties increase during meditation

Because you are ignoring planning for your goals. Take a few minutes a day and plan your day. Your mind will relax.

9. I get bored sometimes during meditation

Boredom is lack of appreciation of the almighty force. In silence, God speaks through your mind. Once you begin to enjoy the bliss inside, your mind will automatically get inspired to meditate.

10. My fears take over me when I close my eyes

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Being brave is about being fearful and doing what is right. Address fears using the SKY introspection practices.

In short, you are saying introspection helps meditation.

That's correct. Introspection helps you to develop your will power and concentration powers.

11. I fall asleep

Are you getting 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep daily? Fix that. Practice focusing your mind on your kundalini force pulsating gently in your Ajna chakra after SKY initiation. You will overcome the tendency to fall asleep.

Thank you. Be Blessed

Be Blessed by the Divine.

Krish Murali Eswar

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