Break Your Mental Resistance With The 2 Minute Rule (animated)

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Break Your Mental Resistance With The 2 Minute Rule (animated)

Why is it so hard to follow up on our new habits?
One of the reasons is that the habit we're trying to form can seem a little overwhelming, so we have this mental resistance.

In the beginning, when we're super motivated it's much easier to do something. For example; going to the gym for 1 hour doesn't seem that hard, because the initial motivation is a powerful driving force.
But when we're motivated it's also easy to impose some super high expectations on ourselves.

We think: “Ok, so I went to the gym for 1 hour the first few days. From now on I'll to go to the gym for 1 full hour every single day.”
But once that initial motivation fades away after a few days, there is now nothing that's driving us forward, and we haven't really formed a habit yet.

That's why when we're unmotivated, we'll probably just skip gym altogether, as dedicating a whole hour to it seems daunting.
So instead of relying on motivation to push us forward, we should focus on making our new habit, an actual habit.

Let me explain what I mean, by introducing you to the 2 minute rule.

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