Breathing Exercise / Meditation For Panic And Anxiety Attacks – BEXLIFE

Breathing Exercise / Meditation for Panic and Anxiety Attacks – BEXLIFE


We're probably a lot alike when it comes to dealing with stress.

I'm a person who has to manage her own anxiety almost every day.

But I'm also a person who helps other people manage their anxiety, so I'm always looking for new tools to serve that practice.

Getting my blood drawn is never fun for me, and by that I mean I either throw up or pass out as soon as I see my blood in a vile.

The last time I got blood work done, the phlebotomist told me to do something super easy to calm down.

“Smell the flowers. Blow out the candles.”

And because it's what I do, I turned it into a mini-meditation for myself.

I pictured myself in a rolling field of beautiful spring flowers under an endless expanse of blue skies and fluffy clouds. As I inhaled, I imagined myself taking in all the wonderful scents and fresh air.

Then, I imagined being surrounded by all the people I love, my husband and children smiling at me with a big birthday cake lit up with candles for me… with my exhale, I slowly and deliberately blew out every candle, knowing my wish would come true.

Before I knew it, the phlebotomist had filled all the vials, and I was free to go. But I was so relaxed that I didn't even want to get up from my seat!

And all I had to do to access this deep state of relaxation was focus on my breath and imagine a pretty scene… My fears blew away as easily as the flames of my imaginary birthday candles.

Meditation is easy, and the benefits of it are accessible to all.

That's what I want you to know more than anything else — that you have the power to connect to peace and calm, that you are in control of your own healing, that you have tools available to support you.

The truth of that message shows up in everything I do, all that I offer to you in my videos, my blogs, on social media, and in my product offerings. Whatever you're struggling with, I have a simple solution for you.

And because I love you so much, and I'm so grateful for your place in my community, I'd love to offer a version of this little breathing practice in a meditation video for you today. I hope you love it!

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