A Powerful Way to Raise to a Higher Consciousness Meditation Exercise (this changed my life)

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“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, in this video, I'm going to be talking about the idea of expanding our awareness, of understanding how we can powerfully elevate our level of consciousness and I'm going to be doing it in a new type way. What I'd like to do in this video is kind of like a mix of an interactive meditational exercise where what we do is get ourselves to a very present state of being, and then I share some ideas that I think can help us understand how we can exist in the frame, in the experiential perception of these states of consciousness and how to really anchor it into a part of who we are.

“Now, first off, behind this video, a lot of the information will be from a book called Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins. In this, he talks and has the scale of different levels of consciousness that are based upon the emotional states of being. The idea behind it just to give it a little summary is that in each of these different emotions are loops of patterns of thinking that if we stay identified to it, it keeps us in the realm of those thoughts. The idea is that as we move up the scale, it becomes to a point to where we then raise our vibration or our level of consciousness to a higher state.

“Now, you'll see that at the bottom, we have emotions like shame and guilt. Then, we have like anger. Then, we'll move up and eventually, we'll have more of neutrality, of willingness. Then, eventually, the next level of breakthrough is love, peace, joy. Now, each of these, there's breakthroughs within each of these different levels of consciousness and what I'm going to do with this interactive-type meditation is show you the way that we would view the world through each different level of these and understanding how we can then elevate our own level of awareness to get ourselves to live within that frame of awareness.

“Just to begin this video, first off, let's take a deep breath in and then out, and what we're going to do is bring the awareness into our hands and into our legs and feet and the purpose behind this is as we bring the awareness out of our head and into our body, we then become more present to the moment and we take the awareness out of just the intellectual ideas and we make it something that's much more absorbent into us.

“Right now, let's take a deep breath in, breathe it out and then put the awareness into your hands. Put the awareness into your feet. Take another deep breath in and out, we'll do one more. Then, as you breathe out, bring the awareness into your chest, into your heart's space and feel the sensation there. As you begin to know that you're becoming more present to the moment, you're moving yourself from more of a beta state to an alpha state of brainwave activity. As we begin to get into the state, there's more likelihood that these ideas will get deeper into how we think.

“First off, what I'm going to do is take you through three different layers of consciousness. Three different layers for perceptual lenses to which we could see the world and show you what it's like to live within those frames and how then we can push ourselves to evolve the next layer so that by the end of this meditational awareness exercise, we know how we can live within those frames and we know how we can get ourselves out of the autopilot mind so that we can really become our full potential.

“Now, the first level of awareness is actually more of the idea of the unconsciousness of who we are. Most of the population of the world lives within this frame of awareness and it's through the frame of thinking that they are a victim of circumstance. It comes from thinking that they are at the effect and not of the cause, not knowing that they are creating their own reality.

“Now, most likely if you're watching this video, you are already knowing that there is some correlation between the thoughts that you think to what you experience. Most of you have already penetrated this level of awareness and you can simply have the understanding that most of the way that we define ourselves to be is with a certain self-image and that based upon the autopilot of the patterns of thoughts that we think, that continues to perpetuate itself to where we think that we are a result of our past, and we are the result of the reference experiences that we've had….

This video is about How to Evolve Your Consciousness Meditation Excersise

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