The Mistake We All Make In Life That Keeps Us From Being HAPPY | An Inspirational Video

The mistake we all make in life that keeps us from being HAPPY | An Inspirational Video

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Transcription of the video
“We live in a constant state of fear of missing out we’re always thinking about what we have pending, the plans, the future our vision. There’s almost like this ADD quality of life now and especially now with social media and with all our things coming at us so fast and if you’re committed to creating big results in your life you have plans you have goals but a lot of that steals time and steals moments from us. And the magic is in the moment. I’m here, I’m all in I’m engaged with you, because so many people are not present they miss out on things, they miss out on life, and I think that one of the biggest problems that we have is that we think that where we are isn’t it. This is not it, and so we think that happiness or joy or fulfilment is in the future or it was in the past and we lost it. One of the things that we do is that we miss out on the moment and we don’t realise that happiness is right now. Because the only moment that we really have is this one. There is no other moment. The next moment is a promise the next moment is an idea. The last moment is over. We live life like we have forever we live life like there’s a guarantee of tomorrow. And I don’t there’s another moment. And so when I live life from this is the only moment I have I’m living life from urgency and so I’m living life from I may not see you again so let me be present or I may not we may not pass this ray again. And so when I live from the moment, what I’m doing is I’m celebrating it, I’m acknowledging it and I’m able to be present in it. And so what stops me from that is the guilt of the past and the anxiety of the past and the resistance of what you know I’ve been through, afraid of going through it again. Embrace and accept the way you are. That what’s happening right now is actually happening for you that what’s happening right now is your benefit. Because as long as I'm thinking this relationship isn’t it, this moment isn’t it, this house isn’t it. This career isn’t it. What I’m doing is I’m putting all of my happiness on a result. Me being grateful for the moment that I have whether it’s it could be a bad moment. It could be you know an amazing moment because my happiness is up to me and so my enjoying of this moment is up to me. And so when I’m able to embrace the moment and live in it. Then I’m present. So many people go through people’s lives and they were never present they were never there, they were never connected, they miss out they don’t remember even conversations. You see it at funerals. People are like, what’s the last thing I said to them. Or what could I remember them and a whole lifetime can be summed up in two conversations. Where there was so many moments that you are with someone but you aren’t present. And so by not being present with the responsibility of what I’m creating then what I do is I’m always thinking that this is not it and that it should be different and then we stay stuck and then we’re stuck in a situation we don’t wanna be in and then we’re miserable about it and we complain about it but we don’t do anything about it. You’re deciding not to decide and so you’re making a choice to be in limbo which is why so many people are unfulfilled because they’re not doing what they want to do. If you’re in a career that you’re not all in, then get out. If you’re in a relationship you’re not all in get out. Be in ownership of whatever moment you’re in. Most people are spectators they’re like watching they’re observing they show up to a place and they observe. they go to the party and they oh I don’t like the food I don’t like the you know this is the vibe’s weird and they’re in this observer mode they show up to situations their lie is their life but they’re a spectator. What is your intention when you’re sitting down with your significant other. What is your intention when you go into the board meeting what is your intention where you’re talking to your employees what is your intention when you talk to your mum so what’s the experience that you wanna create when your with that person.”

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