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Add These 8 Things to Your Morning Routine for a More Positive Day

Build a morning ritual that changes your life for the best. Learning how to be happy and how to change your life requires a lot of positivity, and this can start by making necessary changes to your morning routine.

Even though not as easy as it sounds, building a morning discipline into your daily routine just might be the fastest way to improve performance in any area of your life, which will lead you to a path of happiness and positive thinking! Most people’s morning routines include grabbing their cell phones to check e-mail, texts, social media, or newsfeeds before they even rouse out of bed in the morning.

The problem with doing this is that rather than deciding how you want to feel and then working hard to cultivate more of that feeling, you are allowing things totally outside of your control to determine how you will feel as you enter into your day. Whether it’s an e-mail from your boss reminding you of a late report, a phone bill you neglected to pay, or a text message from an ex professing their undying love, by engaging with your phone first, you’ve just placed the fate of your day into the hands of chance! Advice: THIS is why you need to end that on and off relationship RIGHT NOW

Relationships and love are an important part of our lives but so is stability. Every relationship needs a certain level of stability to survive the odds. Sometimes the love you share is not enough and you fall out of love which is quite normal.

You fall in love and date and then things turn sour and you break up because the love wasn’t strong enough to sustain and after a while, you patch up and go back to each other because letting go is difficult. If this is the story of your life, beware of this relationship. It isn’t going anywhere. keys to establishing yourself in your career

To best position yourself for a life of happiness and success on your terms, it is vital to have a philosophy around what you hope to be, and what you intend to accomplish. Some people call this a creed.

I call it, establishing yourself. This is a written documentation that establishes three things: Your purpose — or your raison d’être — is the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing with your life. I encourage you to look at this from a blank slatein order to get to the brass-tacks truth of what you really want your mission to be in life.

This should be organic and developed only by you — free and unfettered from any influences or emotions of the moment. Routines that may be worth adopting

Something which we see a lot of in our time management workshops is people’s dreaded affection with the morning routine.

All the things one has to do; emails, the commute, getting yourself and perhaps others organised, it can become a hectic and stressful start to the day. It sets you up for the rest of the day, so getting the right start is essential. Some people believe they can sleep their way to happiness.

However, when it comes to being productive in the morning, sleeping the right amount to still be happy, and yet efficient, may be more accurate. People draw focus to the number of hours you sleep, but what is more important, is the quality of those hours.