7 Surprising Benefits After 30 Days Of Meditation

7 Surprising Benefits After 30 Days of Meditation

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We’ve heard this topic time and time again.

People’s lives transforming, some feeling like a Shaolin monk while others not really noticing anything.

If you’re like me, I would always get so bored when I’d try to meditate.

I never really got anywhere with it.

But you can’t just meditate for a few days, then say “meh has no effects, useless much”.

Maybe meditation can actually transform our lives even if it’s a small change.

So I took it upon myself to try a 30-day meditation challenge and here’s what happened.


00:34 – Point #1: I Started To Enjoy Meditating
00:52 – Point #2: The Type of Meditation Changes Your Results
01:31 – Point #3: Guided Meditation Gave Me The Fastest Results
03:10 – Point #4: Meditation Boosted My Athletic Performance
04:54 – Point #5: Revealed My Compulsive Addictive Thinking
06:01 – Point #6: Made Me More Comfortable Being Alone
07:17 – Point #7: Meditation Made Me Hallucinate

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