Fit Tips // Starting A Health And Fitness Journey

Fit Tips // Starting a Health and Fitness Journey

When starting your fitness journey, whether it’s the first time or the hundredth, setting yourself up for success is key. You don’t need Lululemon leggings or to only eat chicken and veggies to commit to your goals, here are five fit tips and tricks to starting a successful wellness journey so you can live a healthy life that are all about you. It's a marathon not a sprint, but that doesn't mean it has to be horrible.


Favorite Things:
➢ Prolific Pre-workout:
➢ Easy Peazy Way to be Fiscally Responsible:
➢ Best Bluetooth Headphones for the Gym:
➢ Dairy-free Protein Powder:
➢ Gym Bag:
➢ Foam Roller:
➢ Heart Rate Monitor:
➢ Intuitive Eating Book:


Favorite things with Discounts:
➢ FRE Skincare “KARENO” Discount Code
➢ Further Food collagen “KAYOHFITANDSTUFF10” Discount Code-
➢ Fit University #FitUFam –
➢ Donate to great causes while you exercise-


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