ADHD Motivation: Self Discipline Ft. Will Smith

ADHD Motivation: Self Discipline ft. Will Smith

Enforcing self Discipline, especially for people with ADHD/ADD represent the epicenter of self-love and self-growth. You have to start being hard on yourself, in order to love yourself! With this video, I hope to motivate people with adhd, especially because we need so much motivation!
To battle procrastination, you have to get more disciplined! The beauty of self-discipline however is, that the more you do it, the better you start to feel about yourself because you're standing up for yourself!
Will Smith, a famous actor with ADHD, is of the same opinion.
I had a long struggle when it comes to finding the strength to come through with self discipline. I still do. But what I noticed was, that no matter what I think is right, self-discipline is always the right way to go. It can get so hard, but if you stick it through when it gets hard, it'll all be worth it!
ADHD Motivation!
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