How To End A Relationship On Good Terms

How to End a Relationship on Good Terms

Are you wondering how to end a relationship in a way that brings respect and care back between you and your Ex? In this video you will learn keys to find completion together, how to create safe space together to ask the questions you need to ask to feel complete. This is especially essential to do when considering how to end a relationship with someone you love.

You will also learn ideas for creating a completion ceremony together.

Whenever possible it is beneficial for both parties to end a relationship peacefully so that any negativity experienced is resolved as much as possible. This makes it so much easier to move on and heal.

Sometimes this isn’t possible to have a completion with an ex especially if the other person isn’t available for talking. If this is the case for ending relationship it’s important to find completion yourself.

If you’re reflecting on how to end a relationship on good terms it will benefit you greatly to include seeing healers and therapists. This will help to speed your recovery time along.

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Before you get to this point of the completion talk it would be wise for you to be cutting the cords between you to help dissipate anger and frustration between you. You can watch this video to do so:

I have made a series of videos for dealing with heartbreak. I created them as I was recovering from heartbreak myself and found the topics in the videos to be essential keys for recovering faster.

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