How To Get High Naturally – Prana Breathing Meditation

How to get high naturally – Prana Breathing meditation

I am a British; Intuitive Sound Healer, Psychic, Sound & Massage Therapist, Speaker and researcher in the field of consciousness and altered states.

For almost 20 years I have studied in many areas of therapy, spirituality, health/veganism, mediumship, brainwave entrainment technology, meditation and sound healing.
My focus is on group and personal one to one sessions for bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit; For those to feel more grounded, centred and most important for like minded individuals to get their own answers to everyday problems.

I use a mixture of many therapies and practices to balance and clear old energy patterns to bring in new energy, and to feel more centred, grounded, relaxed and focused.

The use of sound technology is very important, we are all made up of sound, a resonance, a frequency. It is what we resonate with. We can use sound to transcend the mind and consciousness to unlock our unlimited potential, to relax and bring us back to centre.

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