Affirmations Willpower – Law Of Attraction – Self Hypnosis For Success – Positive Thinking

Affirmations Willpower – Law of Attraction – Self Hypnosis For Success – Positive Thinking

The next in the Affirmations Series – Willpower. This five minute affirmation will prime you to approach success. Many people have found the use of affirmations to be the secret to leading a positive spiritual life and a good way of seeding your subconscious at the subliminal level for the manifestation of what you need most.

Affirmations in this video:
I am in control of my own feelings and actions
I choose to live a healthy life, healthy in both mind and body
My willpower is great, I only take in that which is good for me
When I feel myself falter, I know I have the willpower to resist
I breathe in calmness, and breathe out doubt
I trust my support network to when my willpower is fading
I choose to participate fully in my life
Today, I choose to better my self
My will is powerful and its strength grows every day
My engaging my willpower, I will be a happier and healthier person

The Affirmations Series is specifically written to harness the Law of Attraction for YOU!

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