The Power Of Positive Thinking The Oya Show Ep. 19

The Power of Positive Thinking The Oya Show Ep. 19

What we let grow in our minds can create either healthy thoughts or unhealthy thoughts. Our mind can support us and help us move towards joy … or it can hold us back. Your mind can send you happy, supportive vibes that can push you through times or keep you stuck in a rut.

Is your mind sending you good vibrations … or negative messages? When stuff gets tough, do you fight to get through it or just give up?

Check out this weeks episode of THE OYA SHOW and lets talk about raising up and out of those nasty vibrations that can keep us down and away from love and our success.

Let me know how your thoughts work for or against you.
Share and comment below.

Oya 🙂





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Oya is a Singer, Producer and Soul Centered Strategist™ who works with creative entrepreneurs and youth to assist them in manifesting their dreams and living their life's purpose. She also brings these innovative strategies to her work with corporations and organizations in order to help them increase productivity.

Oya became a creative entrepreneur in high school and was the first teenager to launch, own and operate her own model and talent management company. Wise beyond her years, her great eye and ability to bring the client's vision to life landed her additional opportunities to cast, art direct and produce events for some of the biggest artists and companies in the world before she had even graduated.

Along with bringing love, inspiration and strategies for success to every event, Oya shows her clients how to get clear, make soul-centered connections and create so that they can monetize their dreams.

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