Positive Attitude | Self-motivation Ft. Rubab Zahra (HRBP)

Positive Attitude | Self-motivation ft. Rubab Zahra (HRBP)

Life is all about #choices and what you make out of those choices. The right choices are not always easy to make and pursue but right decision taken at right time can lead your life in your desired direction. All successful people have some common characteristics. They don't get tired of working hard and facing difficulties. Whenever given a difficult situation in life, they tend to opt for best possibility that can eventually lead then to success in a longer run. No matter how much odds are against them, irrespective of the negative and opposing behaviors, they make their way and get going until they reach the desired goal. Once you achieve your one goal, it boosts your #confidence and #selfbelief.

Ms. Rubab Zahra is a Senior #HumanResource Business Partner with FINCA microfinance Bank. She is a mother of two beautiful girls and a perfect housewife. Rubab got married after his intermediate and continued her studies after marriage while she was living in a joint family system and giving birth to kids along with household management. It may not seem extraordinary to you but when it comes to choices, it is a hard choice to make and pursue career when you apparently have happy and successful married life. It may seem relate-able to you because you are the same super woman arranging everything so perfectly. In either case, it is exceptional and deserve to be appreciated. This interview is a homage to all those super women staying at home or working while managing household. You all are special.

Rubab's story give is motivation to choose the path less traveled and crave the new ones who're following. May be you are not at you expected goal and may be you are not even near that but still you can make your way to the destination. It will tell you that that not all successful people have all perfect circumstances. Had they depended on excuses, they could end up to #failure. But instead they decided to work harder than other people and everything started to come in place for them.

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