Struggling With Depression? Have You Tried This? | Mel Robbins

Struggling with depression? Have you tried this? | Mel Robbins

If you or someone you love suffers from depression this is a very important video to watch and share.

Depression is real.

You aren’t alone if you suffer from it and you need to know it is treatable.

You also need to know that despite how you feel right now, you can learn to how to live a very happy and successful life even though you are struggling.

I met a mom and her son at a Q&A I did after a speech recently. The son was very candid about his struggle with depression and even I got a little choked up as I was talking to him.

I shared a concept that has helped my loved ones deal with depression and I want you to listen up and really embrace this idea: there is a difference between what you FEEL and what you push yourself to DO.

The real challenge with depression is that it makes you FEEL like you can’t or don’t want to do what you need to do to heal.

Depression is lying to you.

You can do things that feel hard.

No matter how depressed you feel when you wake up, you CAN push yourself to get out of bed.

No matter how lethargic you’ve become, you CAN push yourself to go for a walk, get to the gym, or show up at spin class.

No matter how much ice cream soothes your sadness, you CAN choose to eat healthier foods.

No matter how much you feel like giving up or there’s no point, you CAN choose to push forward.

And, no matter how alone you feel, that’s a lie, too.

You are not alone and help from a professional or a family member is one phone call away. And you can push yourself to make it, despite how isolated you feel.

Depression lies when it convinces you that you can't.

You are capable. You do have a choice.

It may feel like you don’t, but you always have a choice to push past the lies that depression tells you and take a step forward. As my friend Glennon Doyle Melton says, you can do hard things. And when you understand that depression lies to you I hope a little weight gets lifted and things won’t feel as hard as they have been.

I hope you’ll realize that’s the trap depression set, and now you can free yourself by taking action.

While you might suffer from depression right now, your life does not have to suffer as well. You do not have to listen to the lies. You can choose to get out of bed, get help and live your life, one small push forward at a time.

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