Guided Meditation For Love/Relationship Healing Meditation **POWERFUL! **

Guided Meditation for Love/Relationship Healing Meditation **POWERFUL! **

Guided Meditation for Love / Relationship Healing Meditation.

Whether you just want a relaxation meditation to reconnect deeper with your amazing, and often forgotten, self or if you are wanting to reconnect with your loved ones in a way that will allow the vibration of your relationship to positively increase, allowing you to create a deeper, more connected bond at a profound cosmic level, this meditation is astonishing in its ability to change the vibration of your life and your relationships, bringing greater peace and harmony to even in the most tumultuous of circumstances.

Although your relationships may not magically change and everything will all of a sudden be perfect and amazing from now on once you practice this love meditation, I can tell you that if you do this meditation daily, or even just a few times each week, it will begin to change your relationships subtly, but powerfully.

This meditation as a self love meditation has the powerful effect of dissolving self sabotaging behavior and negative self talk, building self confidence and acceptance of both who you are and the unfolding of who you are becoming. You will stop getting in your own way and begin to take steps toward a journey of being who you truly want to be and doing the things you desperately wish to do in life.

This meditation as a means of healing relationships is equally powerful. Little by little you might notice arguments taking place less often, conflict losing its intensity, or the negative and angry feelings slowly fading away. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE HAS THE POWER TO CHANGE REALITY, even if it is only given and received on subtle levels. When you love and are loved unconditionally, the human potential becomes truly infinite!

It is my deepest desire that this meditation help you to feel greater love, peace and joy for your own amazing self as well as the incredible joy and beauty that only peaceful and loving relationships can add to one’s experience of this life.

REMEMBER: You are beautiful. You are amazing. Your life matters!

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