Adyashanti Guided Meditation – Relaxing Into Being

Adyashanti Guided Meditation – Relaxing into Being

The attitude that you bring to meditation is the most important element. In this guided meditation, Adyashanti guides you into finding the balance between effortlessness and intention. By relaxing into your immediate state of being, you recognize that everything is illumined by awareness.

Excerpted from “Silent Retreat Vol. 67 ~ Tahoe Sept 2018 ~ Talks”:

Quotes from this Video:

“Have your intention be toward a sense of ease and effortlessness. We are not trying to control experience. You are just relaxing into your immediate experience of being.”

“Find the balance point of how much intention is necessary, and how much can you just relax into a sense of ease and effortlessness.”

“Think of the breath in the belly as a kind of anchor, it’s always there, it’s rhythmic, it’s a place you can reorient attention to if you get lost in your mind for a moment.”

“Check and see if you are holding any unnecessary tension anywhere in the body. You can invite it to relax.”

“Notice how the whole field of experience—the quiet, the feel of the breath, the body, the space around you—all of it is illumined by awareness. Awareness is always and already present. You just notice it.”

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