How To Be Happy

How to be Happy

Musing on the idea of how to be happy, I decided to talk about these 4 key ideas to help introverts and extraverts.

Whether you know your personality type or not, you can still gain understanding of yourself and work towards how to be happy. You can also serve people to fill up positive energy.

The next 2 ideas are more related to personality type. First, I talk about focusing on the thought that you can have an impact on the world (self-efficacy). Last, I talk about knowing that you have the ability to cope with what happens. I feel that self-efficacy is more often forgotten by introverts and “knowing that you can cope” is slightly more often forgotten by extraverts.

What are you struggling with right now?
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Disclaimer: These are my opinions. If you have a serious issue, go see a doctor. I'm sharing these because I want to do my best to help where I can and make an impact in the best way that I can.

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