Shavasan | Yoga for Obesity and Diabetes in Malayalam | Meditation

Pebbles presents “ Yoga for Obesity & Diabetes ”, to guide us to stay fit and manage Diabetes. Obesity, caused due to certain imbalances in food intake and calories burned creates an unhealthy body. It is associated with many other complications and may even lead to immobility. To take care, the Asanas prescribed in this Video can be followed vigorously to have a good effect an weight and Diabetes control. These Asanas are very easy to follow and can be done by people of any age group to have desired results.


* Omkar Sadhana
* Body Management
* Surya Namaskar
* Surya Namaskar Type 2
* Tadasan, Agnisar Kriya
* Pad Hastasan, Bandh
* Hast Uttanasan
* Parivartit Trikonasan
* Ardhakatiya Chakrasan
* Purnakatiya Chakrasan
* Uddiyan Bandh
* Kukutasan
* Chakki Chalana
* Vajrasan
* Naukasan
* Yogamudra
* Supta Vajrasan
* Padmasan
* Bhu Namanasan
* Matsyasan
* Vakrasan
* Gomukhasan
* Titli Asan
* Bhujangasan
* Shalbhasan
* Dhanurasan
* Pawan Muktasan
* Gathri Asan
* Halasan
* Sarvangasan
* Karnapidasan
* Chakrasan
* Shavasan
* Ardha-Matsyendrasan
* Shayanpashchimottanasan
* Nadishodhan Pranayam
* Bhastrika Pranayam

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