Bible Study on Self-Discipline | Bible Study With Me

Bible Study on Self Discipline | Bible Study With Me

Self-discipline is something that is developed over time. It is something that has benefited me in several areas of my life. I wanted to do a bible study on self-discipline because it impacts our spiritual health, believe it or not. God wants us to be wise with our resources, money, health and time so in this video I discuss several changes that have helped me. As always, thank you SO MUCH for watching any of my videos… I truly appreciate it.

Be sure to watch how to create a bible study bullet journal first!

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Welcome to my channel! Study the bible with me as I make videos using my bible study bullet journal. Having a bible study journal has helped me with how to get closer to God. I use it for my daily bible study to learn more about the bible. Bible study with me and follow along in your bible study bullet journal. Thank you for watching and God bless!

Matthew 4:19

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