How To Meditate For Beginners | 5 Easy Steps To A Happier Life

How To Meditate for Beginners | 5 Easy Steps To A Happier Life

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How To Meditate For Beginners Script:

Step 1 – Relaxing Yourself

This part is quick and simple.

Begin by taking a deep slow breath in and then out. Focus on your breath whilst doing this. We are going to repeat this about 3 times.

On the third exhale gently close your eyes.

How to meditate for beginners Step 2 –How to become present

You want to become aware and present of where you are.

This can be done by pausing and listening to the surroundings.

Focus on the sounds as if you were listening to music. If you can hear something annoying, don't judge it, just observe it and the reaction it provokes within you.

Do this for about thirty seconds or as long as you feel you want to.

How to meditate for beginners Step 3 – Deepening the Focus

Now we now want to deepen that state of focus.

We will do this by focusing on the inner sensations of the body.

First feel the weight of your body on the chair. Feel the weight of your back against the chair and your feet resting on the floor.

We can then go through a mini body scan.

Begin scanning from the top of the head down to the feet slowly. Feel and focus on every sensation as well as you can.

Certain areas of the body will be easier ‘to feel’ as it were. People commonly find these to be the feet and the hands.

As you get into this you may note that the body feels slightly different, this is good.

You do not have to spend too long doing this. Take about a minute and a half doing this or scan through at the pace you feel comfortable with.

How to meditate for beginners 4 – the main stage

Hopefully we have quietened down the mind a bit. We will now enter the main part of the meditation by focusing on the breath.

Focus on the sensation of the air being drawn in through your nostrils

Really Feel that refreshing air being pulled down and expanding your lungs.

Pause in between the inhale and the exhale.

Then release the breath through your mouth. Really relax with the exhale.

It helps to think of the inhale bringing in refreshing air. And the exhale as letting go of inner stress.

Don't try and change the pace of the breath at all. You may start to notice that your breath really begins to slow and calm down.

Keep doing this until you reach a nice focused state on the breath. Go as long as you feel comfortable with (maybe five to ten minutes).

Training this muscle, the muscle that is able to quieten our inner dialogue is invaluable.

This relaxing, present focused state will be having amazing positive effects on reducing the stress in your brain.

Dealing With Destructive Thoughts

As you are new to this, the inner mental chatter of your brain may start to creep back in.

Thoughts distracting you from the process. You’re not used to doing essentially nothing.

Your brain will start to try and rationalize what you are doing: “How does this actually help”, “Why am I doing this… this is not me” “I need to get on and do work”.

Remember the thinking is what we are actually trying to get away from.

Stick to the process, you’ve committed to doing this for ten minutes, so give it your full effort.

Every time you notice yourself thinking the natural reaction is to get annoyed that we are not ‘in a calm state'.

Counterintuitively this is actually a good thing. Becoming aware that you are thinking about things immediately brings you back to the present.

Don’t follow the train of thoughts, instead look at them with interest and the emotion they provoke within you. This is what is called “mindfulness”.

This will regain your sense of control and you can go back to focusing on the breath.

How to meditate for beginners 5 – Exiting the meditation

This part is easy. Just reverse your entry steps.

First go through a quick body scan again.

After this become aware of the sounds in the room. Become aware again of where you are.

Post-Meditation Analysis

This part is really important

Take a bit of time to appreciate and watch your mind again.

See if it has had any positive effect on you or not. You may have quietened down that inner voice a bit. Even if it is just a bit, that is fantastic.

Your inner voice will come back again pretty quickly. It could be positive or it could be negative – “I just wasted ten minutes”, “I’m definitely not going to end up getting into this, my friends won’t know what’s gotten into me”.

If you want, you can observe these thoughts like you might during the meditation. The thoughts may be legitimate… your life is not going to change from one meditation session. But remember this is a practice. If you started doing football kick ups or playing an instrument you’re not going to be amazing first time. It might take a while to start noticing the real benefits.

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