Les Brown Getting Unstuck

Les Brown Getting Unstuck

How to get unstuck?
Les Brown Getting Unstuck
This is an amazing message for those that find it hard to get out of
situations they feel stuck in. Just because you are going through something today doesn't mean that your tomorrow has to be messed up! A lot of people quit because they feel like it's just not worth it, but I'd like to say “If you quit YOU wasn't worth it!”

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Les Brown Getting Unstuck
Life is going to throw you some curve balls for you to step out of your blessing. We must listen and study the correct things to cling to! It's up to YOU to make the decision take your life serious enough to care more!

Les Brown Getting Unstuck
I watch this at least a few times a week to remind myself that it's WORTH IT TO WORK IT!

I hope this helps someone today become a better person tomorrow!


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