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Many of us are accustomed to the negative feelings that we unknowingly embrace. That negative energy becomes our comfort zone. We get stuck in the cycle of depression, negativity, anxiety, and fear we then become afraid of the feeling of happiness. Joy becomes foreign. To improve our mental health, we must recognize our negative thoughts, next work towards changing our thinking process and behavior. It will then allow us to embrace the positive thoughts and actions that we all seek to include in our daily lives.

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Most of us only know ourselves being miserable. I’m going to let that sink in for a second, what you think about what that means, because you’re probably like, hmm, what are you talking about? Far too many of us don’t know what being happy feels like, don’t really know what feeling good feels like. A lot of us are more comfortable feeling stressed and being depressed, being angry, agitated, all of that. Most of us are so used to dealing with negative emotions and energy that as much as we hate it, as much as we say we want to get away from it and we want things to be better; we want to feel happy; we’re stuck. Because that’s all we know, we’re used to it, and the opposite side, the good feeling, is so foreign to us we’re actually afraid to feel anything else. We are actually afraid to experience actually being happy, actually being content, actually feeling good for real. It’s so foreign to us. A lot of us get so comfortable in the arms of depression and feeling pitiful for ourselves that subconsciously we like to stay in it. We don’t want to come out of it because as bad as it is, as shitty as it feels, it’s comfortable. I’m so used to it, it’s comfortable. It’s like somebody who is in an abusive relationship and you are like, Yo, why do they keep staying there? Why are they…or if they get out of that relationship, why do they go back to somebody else who’s the same type of person? Why do they keep ending up in these abusive situations? Because that feeling is so comfortable and that’s all they know, it’s so familiar. The actual other side, the happiness, they are actually afraid of it because they don’t know how to deal with that. They don’t know how to respond to it. They don’t know how to cope with actually feel happy. They are not going to believe it when they get it. How many times has something been going so well for a period of time and you say, “Wait, this is so good, this can’t be right. Something is about to happen bad, I’m just waiting for it.” You ruin all the positive vibes and the energy that you’re currently giving because you’re giving out negativity, because in your mind you still can only embrace the negativity. You don’t actually know yourself. Well, you do, you know yourself but you only know yourself being miserable. You don’t know that happy person. You don’t know the good side and it’s there and then you keep coming up with all these excuses why you’re unhappy. You’re not going to be happy. You can’t be happy because of this, this person, that person, bills, stress, this! You, or we I should say, we’re the key to everything. We control our destiny. We always hear that. We always hear life is what you make it. It literally is, we all go through hard times. We all go through struggle. We all…it’s hard, but your universe is in your head. You can literally create your own universe inside your head because that is where reality really exists for you. For me, for you, inside my head is my reality. Whatever I create I can project it and make it real. I can manifest it. You just have to understand it. You have to actually believe it. You have to actually want it for yourself. But again, most of us are so used to projected misery, that’s all we know. And then, strangely, because so many of the people around us are the same way, it’s easier to project that negativity and you get people to agree with you. You are on the same page, people are like, yeah, they can relate. When you start talking too positive, you turn people off because they’re negative also. They’re infected with the negativity also and they start looking at you like, yo, what are you talking about? Life is crazy. You don’t know man, life is hard. Yo, this, that and this, we all got… #mentalhealth

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