HOW To Get More Quality Sleep | (Science Of Sleep Pt 2)

HOW to get more quality sleep | (Science of Sleep Pt 2)

We all know that we should get more sleep, but we get stuck on the “how.” Here we look at how to get more quality sleep with some basic yet powerful techniques based on how your body works.

Last time I talked about the impressive health benefits of sleep like how improves your brain function with memory consolidation and how it improves fitness via the secretion of HGH and other important hormones. This video is all about *how* to get better sleep. I admit that some of the things in here sound basic and like common sense, but most people don't implement such practices. By understanding how and why these processes do their magic, you'll be more compelled to implement them and get more restorative sleep.

I really recommend checking out Shawn Stevenson's “Sleep Smarter” ( I've read a couple different books on sleep and this one was the most practical and straightforward with concise explanations on the science and biology of sleep.

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