Breath Awareness | Guided Meditation For Beginners | Reduce Stress| Calm Mind

Breath Awareness | Guided Meditation for Beginners | Reduce Stress| Calm Mind

Breath Awareness | Guided Meditation for Beginners | Reduce Stress| Calm Mind
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Breathing Awareness Meditation or Simply Breathing Meditation is a fundamental meditation technique. If you are beginning to meditate, we would recommend that you should start by learning this meditation. This Simple Technique is one of the most effective way to calm the mind, reduce stress and tension, and improve focus.

~ Calm the Breathing to Calm the Body ~
Our Breathing and Body are Interconnected. When Breathing is Calm, Our Body is Calm, our body is relaxed. We have less of that nervous energy, Our heart rate goes down, our blood pressure start to normalize, just few 4 to 5 calm, slow relaxed breaths have that magic

~ Calm the Breathing to Calm the Mind ~
Our Breathing and Mind Our Interconnected too. When the Breathing becomes calm, the mind goes into a relaxed state too. It Becomes Happy, Studies have shown that when we calm our breathing, the activity and amounts of thoughts in the mind are also reduced.

~ Calm the Breathing to Calm the Emotions ~
Our Breathing and Emotions are so interconnected. Ever tried to take 2-3 deep breaths when you are angry. It will immediately calm the anger down. When we are angry, feeling frustrated, our breathing automatically becomes fast, we can not be breathing slowly and still be angry. When Our Breathing is Calm, we feel good, and just a few minutes into recording this guided meditation, we found ourselves smiling, as our breathing became calm.

Thats the Magic of Calming The Breathing. But How can we calm it. In this Guided meditation we will learn how simply being aware of our breathing can calm our breathing. Simple Observing it. As you make this meditation a habit and become better at observing the breathing, you will notice that your breathing is calm not only when you are doing this meditation, but also when you are normally working. And thus reducing your stress level for entire day, you will normally feel happy, you will smile more, and will get less angry and will be more focused.

We hope this guided meditation will help you.

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Smile & Cultivate Mindfulness

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