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Jim Rohn was America’s foremost business philosopher. Widely recognized as a personal development legend, Jim Rohn possessed the unique ability to bring extraordinary insights to ordinary principles and events. Whilst he passed away many years ago, his success philosophies and influence continue to have a worldwide impact.

As someone who dedicates a significant portion of their time to personal development, it’s no surprise that Jim Rohn’s philosophies and principles are something which has shaped and influenced my mindset and behavior

Self-preparation is one of the main things that Jim Rohn talks about, Learn all you can from Jim Rohn

Jim’s philosophy around network marketing is centered around ambition, opportunity, waste, consistency, and dealing with disappointment.

Jim talks about his life being changed by finding a product he could believe in. His perspective changed when he was 25. Can you imagine one of your products changing the life of a person in such a huge way? One of your products could inspire someone to reach out and reach millions.

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