Which Meditation And Exercises To Do In Empty Stomach In Kundalini Yoga?

Which Meditation and Exercises to do in Empty stomach in Kundalini Yoga?

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Which Meditation & Exercises to do in Empty stomach in Kundalini Yoga?

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What is Empty Stomach?

State of stomach

45 minutes after liquid diet

3-4 hours after solid diet

Food gets completely digested

4 hours is safe for solid food

Immeditately after a meal, don't meditate except Mooladhara, Shanthi meditation

In Shanthi, Life energy gives metabolic energy.

Digestion, nutrition, elimination

Higher forms at Ajna, Thuriya or Thuriyatheetha must be avoided after a meal

Ideal in empty stomach

I exercise and relax deeply in the morning

I sit and meditate after it

I meditate with our group in our meditation center in the evening

Thank you, my fellow meditators

Meditation & Exercises are ideal in empty stomach

We recommend 5 days of higher levels meditation in empty stomach

2 days of Shanthi meditation in a week in empty stomach

5-10 minutes of Shanthi meditation can be done after a meal

To improve digestion

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