The Secret Recipe For Happiness

The Secret Recipe for Happiness

Do you believe that simply by becoming RICH you will be HAPPY…? 💵

If you answered, “YES” –
I’m here to tell you that you’re WRONG! 😲💯

In my world, there are 2 SECRETS to HAPPINESS… ✌️

1. Control your emotions and BELIEVE in yourself! ✅
2. Study and model the HABITS of top, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE! ✅

Watch the full video to find out how to tackle problems effectively and find your true happiness! 🔥🙌💫


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Sigurd Henrik Vedal is an American-Norwegian entrepreneur; brand architect; investor; life, business and relationship coach; public speaker; and social media personality.

He is also the CEO and owner of Vedal Holding Group, with a range of global companies and brands, generating millions of turnover annually, and growing.

He is well known for his work as an entrepreneur, brand architect, e-commerce- and social media specialist.

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