How To Create A Personal Development Plan

How to Create a Personal Development Plan

Hey guys! Enjoy this video on how to create a personal development plan. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself and is paramount in your personal development, so watch this as MANY times as you have to, to completely get this down!

Creating a personal development plan isn't easy, so check these resources below!

Blog Post:
Atomic Habits:
The Compound Effect:
Smart Passive Income (Podcast):
Bigger Pockets (Podcast):

Youtube Channels that Inspired this video:
Gillian Perkins:
Clark Kegly:
Brian Tracy:
Sunny Lenarduzzi:
Marie Forleo:
Sam Laura Brown:

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Great Books:
Emotional Intelligence 2.0:
How to Win Friends & Influence People:
Extreme Ownership:
The Principles and Power of Vision:
Money Master the Game:
Millionaire Fastlane:

About Me:
Hey, I'm Reggie Bryant! This channel is all about personal growth , intentional living, and success. This is where share my knowledge, inspiration, and past experiences to help you improve your life. This channel serves to provide insight and wisdom in all aspects of life for you to apply immediately. I focus heavily on mindset, habits and mind-blowing concepts that challenge and even change the common way of thinking. This is all to improve your life and get the results you've been looking for.

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