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This video I'm going to show you 3 things you must do If you crave relationships or love. I'm going to show you those 3 things you must do to make it happen. Welcome back and then the video. My name's Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness.

Now on this video, I'm going to be sharing with you those 3 things that make all the difference when it comes to attracting a relationship or attracting love into your life. And if you're somebody that's trying to do that, this video really is for you. These are things that I've seen through a, I've been on YouTube now for 3 years.

I've helped many people get into a loving relationship using the principles of uh, understanding our mindset, understanding our own energy, our own vibration, and I've seen it. There's certain patterns that work. It just simply works if you do it.

I'm going to share with you some of the tools that you can use for that as well. Now, in general, understand this. This is the thing so many people miss when it comes to understanding, attracting a relationship or attracting love into our life. And that is, it is about vibrational resonance.

So what most people do when trying to attract love into their life, they think about someone else coming into their life, but yet they feel the lack of it. So there's this, this level of incongruities, is that a word? But the idea is that you really may want it, but the key is knowing the vibrational resonance of it.

So for example, if you want something that is a certain reality, you say, I want love, I want a relationship. And when you say, I want vibrationally, you say, I don't have. Because if you wanted, it means you don't currently have it. You don't currently possess it.

So if you're saying, I want to relationship vibrationally, you're saying I don't currently have it. Now the thing I'm going to share with you in this video changes everything about that and makes it so much easier. But remember this as well. When you're saying, I don't have it, I crave it, I want it. You're lacking.

You're in the reality of lack. Now look at it on this side. Say that there is also a reality where you have it or when you have that relationship, when you're feeling that love within yourself, you already have it. You don't have this feeling of wanting it because if you wanted it, you'd be in this reality over here because there's two different vibrations when we're talking about this.

There's the vibration of wanting it saying I don't currently have it and it would be really nice if I did have it. And then there's the vibrational reality is I have it, I am it, I am integrate relationship or I feel that unconditional love within myself. So it's understanding first off that if you want it, you are vibrationally holding yourself into resistance in this reality.

What I mean by that is many times the definition scene, it's not here. I want it. It's not here. The more you keep track is the more that you then are vibrationally putting out that frequency, putting out that energy of lack of not actually having it. And when you go out into the world, there could be opportunities where if you were in the vibration of having it, you would see certain things that you wouldn't see if you were in this vibrational reality.

So if you're saying, I want to relationship, you may go out and not perceive of opportunities because of the vibrational resonance, because it's like reality is continuing to express to you. You don't currently have it. You don't currently have it. You really want it. You really want it. Imagine the universe just says yes to whatever our definition and our belief is.

So if we say I want it, the universe says, yes you do. You say, yes, I want a relationship. And the universe goes, yeah, you really do want a relationship. You're right. You really do want it.

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