Make A Good First Impression – Positive Attitude

Make a Good First Impression – Positive Attitude

If you want to make a good first impression, you need to show up with a positive attitude. And there are many attitudes that will enhance your professional presence and personal effectiveness.

In this video, we'll look at the positive attitudes that people notice quickly and contribute to a powerful first impression.

Watching this Video is worth 2 Management Courses CPD Points*.
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This video is part of course module number 1.5.1
Program 1: Managing Yourself
Course 5: Personal Impact
Section 1: First Impression

Primary videos that preceed this video include:
– First Impression – Appearance

Primary videos that follow this video include:
– First Impression – Posture and Gesture

The four positive attitudes that make the biggest personal impact as a first impression are:
– Being present and prepared
– A positive, enthusiastic, confident demeanor
– Showing courtesy and respect
– Having patience and self-control
Your words can also say a lot about your attitude, so choose them with care.

1. What attitudes did you go into your last meeting with? How well did they serve you? (2 MC CPD Points)
2. Which attitudes will you work on first, to create a better first impression and stronger personal impact at your next few workplace meetings? (2 MC CPD Points)
3. Deliberately notice your attitudes and the effects they have on the people around you at your next 3 meetings. Reflect afterwards on what you learn. (3×2 MC CPD Points)

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