Managing Anxiety With Mindfulness: 4 Simple Tips

Managing Anxiety With Mindfulness: 4 Simple Tips

In this video about anxiety, stress and mindfulness, you'll discover:

– More about my own journey with anxiety, stress and mindfulness
– Why it's important to engage in mindful self-care
– Simple mindfulness exercises to help you manage anxiety, including: deep breathing, mindful self-care, single-tasking and talking to supports.

I've also shared a few sneak peeks inside two of my journals (one journal from when I was 14 years old and one I keep now).

And, you'll see our dog, Moose, looking pretty darn cool in his Halloween costumes!

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Rachael Kable is a mindfulness mentor, blogger and host of The Mindful Kind podcast.

With a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Counselling, Rachael believes in sharing her own experiences with stress and mindfulness to empower people around the world to live more mindfully.

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