7 Signs You’re Being Manipulated

7 Signs You're Being Manipulated

Are you being manipulated? Have you been asked to do things you don't want to do, things that put you in an uncomfortable situation or left you feeling unsettled? The other person may ask you to do things that go against your values, and when they ask for that favor, they may make light of it (like it's not a big deal) or they will bring up your relationship with them and how if you truly cared about them you would do it for them. Often you end up doing as they wish in fear of losing the relationship with that person.
Watch this video and spot the 7 signs of manipulation in a relationship, often these may be overlooked. When we don't realize we are being manipulated we have no defense. Manipulators prey on innocent people, and prey on individuals who have no boundaries and who are codependent in nature.
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