7 Types of People You NEED To Avoid

What are the types of people you need to avoid completely in your life? This video explains these toxic personality types, and how to avoid someone who falls into these categories. Ignoring someone may help – but sometimes you have to cut people out of your life completely.

Dangerous Personalities

Types of People You Need to Get Out of Your Life

Types of Toxic People That Will Rob You of Your Happiness

Toxic Workers

Things the Most Toxic People in Your Life Have in Common https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-flux/201608/8-things-the-most-toxic-people-in-your-life-have-in-common

Toxic People You Should Avoid

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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO), HowlingCreations for helping to create this video!

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