How to Affirm Yourself and Stop The Negative Self Talk

How to affirm yourself and stop the negative self talk. In this video I discuss negative thinking patterns and how you can use positive affirmations for self-esteem improvement.

Why do you need to affirm yourself? Because it protects you from needing others to validate you and lift you up. In this video I also talk about how to identify negative self-talk that you can then follow up with affirming statements.

Like to skip ahead? Here are some high points
2:00 What is projection as a defense mechanism (mind-reading)?
2:26 An example of projection and the negative impact
3:52 Why projection is so damaging to your self-esteem
6:30 General way to recognize your negative self-talk
6:50 How neediness pushes people away
7:46 How affirming yourself attracts people to you
8:13 summary of two ways to identify when you need to affirm yourself

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