Tony Robbins: How to Survive an Emotional Crisis ( Tony Robbins Response )

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Have you ever had an emotional freak out over a breakup with a partner, fight with a family member, huge financial pressures or simply feel like everything is crashing down on you? This can cause you to feel stuck in your emotional turmoil and leave you paralysed from not being able to control your situation. After much trial and error, I have discovered 8 powerful methods to move you quickly from your negative state and get you attracting solutions and better outcomes.

Most of the methods I learned are what some men do naturally. Men seem to be more stable in difficult times as they don’t invest as much emotion in them as women. I read an insightful quote from a blogger named Patrick Allen “ …accepting failure, being okay with not getting what you want right now, is one of the best, best success strategies, but it takes mental toughness…” and “Learn to delay gratification and let things go”

It’s human nature to try and fix things or take control over people and situations to make you feel safe and secure. It feels uncomfortable to allow things to be and not feel panic. It may be hard, but resist reacting to situations until the time is right for you to respond.

I have come to realise that all my painful experiences have pushed me to be more in every way. I now choose to never waste an opportunity to grow as my pain tells me I need to change. So now, I cut to the chase and just get working on myself. It has taken me years to even realise there are shortcuts to overcoming emotional stress. It is all about working on yourself instead of what is happening around you.

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