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Meditation 101

My personal experience with MEDITATION :

Today's video is possibly the most important video I've ever put out on BeerBiceps. Today's video is all about meditation. A topic that I feel needs to be spoken about MUCH more in the modern day. Today's video is a basic how to meditate for beginners at home video. Meditation, as I spoke about in my previous video, helps you advance on the SPIRITUAL path. Spirituality is not about God or religion. Its about finding YOUR inner self. Today's video is a step by step meditation guide to help YOU on your spiritual journey, my friend! DO NOT BE afraid or skeptical, your meditation journey can begin with this video! If you go into this video with an open mindset, be ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.

Step by step guide on MEDITATION for beginners at home. Enjoy guys!

Studies :
-Physically changes your brain: 2011, harvard, led by dr Sara Lazer :

-Helps you manage stress and decrease side effects of stress: Study in 2004 (Sharma) :

-Meditation reducing anxiety symptoms: 2014, Elizabeth Hoge :

-Benson henry institute of mind body medicine, boston: 3 months of meditation helps decrease blood pressure in hypertension patients :

-2010 Elizabeth blackburn: genetic effects of meditation: helps slow down aging :

-2004 Dr Richard Davidson: meditation makes you happier :

-2008 Journal of Personality and Social psychology by Prof Barbara Fredrickson: Meditation produced positive emotions which increased on a daily basis practice :


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