How To Be Happy & Positive All The Time

Motivation to be happy and positive all the time? Here's how.
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Life can take it's toll on you sometimes. Whether it's from working too hard, or feeling hard done by – we all know how important it is to enjoy the journey as much as possible.

I really love the way that characters like Baloo, Gon Freecs, Goku, Naruto embody this quality of having fun and being carefree. They're able to deal with life's challenges, but all whilst having fun and smiling and dancing their way along.

As leaders and social reformers, we all have ideas on what we want from reality. And I don't know about you, but it gets easy to fall into the trap of wanting everything to stay fixed.

Externally – we want our relationships, colleagues etc to be consistent and stable. Internally – we want our feelings and mood to stay fixed. Our routines & habits to stay fixed too.

But herein lies the problem.

Nothing in life ever, is really fixed. Things are constantly in flux.

A better approach is to remember that life is fluid like water. It has a shape and form/structure to it, but it's constantly changing and adapting.

Trying to control life is like trying to control running water. You can direct it and adapt to the current, but it will still continue to run its course.

So the simplest way is to understand that life is like a mist. You can feel it's effects, you can see it and play with it but it has no solidity to it.

Hope you guys enjoyed today's video & let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

– Keshav

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