Abraham Hicks – Getting The Relationship You Want

How do you get the relationship that you truly want? Not every one of us have relationships that bring us happiness and satisfaction.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who don't have any partner yet but are always happy and satisfied. These are the people who will eventually attract the relationship that they want, bringing them more happiness.

Regardless if you already are in a relationship you're unsatisfied with or still looking for your better half, you should stop longing for what you don't have. Stop focusing on the absence of what you want.

If you focus on feeling good, the relationship you want will come to you, whether with your current partner or someone else who is in vibrational alignment to you.

That doesn't mean that you should feel good regardless if your partner is hurting you. Emotional pain can be overcome by choosing not to focus on it. Stop being offended and start appreciating yourself.

Get the relationship you truly want and not just any relationship. It's not as hard as it seems once you listen to this clip.

Harness the power of the Law of Attraction and experience success, wealth, good health and meaningful relationships for the rest of your joyous life.


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