How to Meditate | Beginner Guide to Meditation

If you are here, you’ve probably heard about meditation. A practice that has been overlooked and even treated as “woowoo” not so long ago by the general public.
Now, we wouldn’t mind repeating the long list of the BENEFITS OF MEDITATION.
✅ Improves cognitive function
✅ Mitigates anxiety and depression
✅ Improves sleep
✅ Increases your attention span
✅ Enhanced self-awareness
✅ Increases creativity

🙌🏽 The benefits are countless
Yet knowing the benefits would not answer the most common question that we get from you which is…
And granted, diving deep into introspective practices such as meditation can be confusing. That’s why we wanted to share with you an extract of a clip from the SM ONLINE Academy.
🧠 We hope it clears out some of your questions and helps you get back or start your meditation practice.

🔹 1:20 – Meditation can be confusing
🔹 2:00 – “I can't put my mind in blank”
🔹 3:20 – “I can't stop thinking”
🔹 4:50 – Thoughts and Judgments
🔹 6:20 – How to use your breathing as an anchor
🔹 7:00 – Meditation positions
🔹 7:30 – Meditation VS Pain
🔹 8:50 – Thinking about the future while meditating
🔹 10:15 – Does the meditation stop if I move?
🔹 11:30 – Are thoughts “real”?
🔹 11:50 – SM Academy Overview + Beta Price Special Offer

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With Love,
💙The SM Team

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