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In this video I want to talk about the importance of gratitude in life, remember if you are still breathing you still have an opportunity to be achieving. My name is Freddy Fri and I am your new motivational speaker.
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This episode is designed to remind you of the importance of showing gratitude for the blessings you have in life, it is difficult and I know its hard but I want you to know one thing, you not by yourself, you are not alone.

In these crazy times we are all going through so many things, but I want you remember to always count your blessings. Make sure that your daily attitude is filled with love and gratitude, you may not be where you want to be in life at the moment, finances may not be in the right place, relationships may be in shambles, but you woke up this morning and that is a blessing.

If you are still breathing you still have an opportunity to be achieving, so start your day by counting your blessings, and give thanks for the many lessons that life has put you in a position to learn and grow from.

Give thanks for having the strength to power through all of the stressing, to power through all of the adversity, the power through all of the hard times and all of the rough patches. Even if you are in the middle of something right now, just give thanks because the universe, because God is going to see you through this.

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