Love Bombing Is Good! Healthy Relationships Have A Pattern Just Like Unhealthy Relationships.

Love Bombing is Good! Healthy relationships have a pattern just like unhealthy relationships.

In the beginning of all relationships the feelings are amazing. Embrace them! They are full of amazing butterflies and wonderful kisses and the sex!!! Please do not listen to YouTube and all the negative. It is when the ‘ Love Bombing ‘ is used as a manipulation along with a person who has no boundaries that it becomes destructive and abusive.

Watch this video and get some tools to help you understand what you should be doing and the differences between what you were doing and what I am talking about. YouTube has it wrong and the beginning of any relationship is filled with magic and wonder. Embrace it! Love it!

Please do not give up those experiences because of the way you see yourself and live your life. Watch this video and gain some insight and run toward the light instead of the dark, the negative and the closed off.

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