The MAIN Reason You Are NOT Attracting A Relationship (How To Fix It)

The MAIN Reason You Are NOT Attracting a Relationship (How to Fix It)

This video will show you the main reason why you are NOT attracting a relationship using the Law of Attraction and I'm going to share with you perspectives and practical tools that you can apply in order to really make that happen. Transcript below…
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This video will show you the main reason why you are attracted a relationship and I'm going to share with you perspectives and practical tools that you can apply in order to really make that happen. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now on this video I'm going to be sharing with you all about understanding how to remove blocks when it comes to relationships and how to attract them. And the main reason I was inspired to make this video is because a couple of my coaching clients have been dealing with this and this little advice has made such a big difference not just with them feeling better but one of them actually got results from it simply from doing what I'm about to share with you. So when it comes to attract in a relationship many times if we have the intention to do so well we find ends up happening is we are trying to attract a relationship the word trying implies struggle.

It implies a conflict between the subconscious mind of the conscious mind is something that we actually have to will to happen. But the thing is is that when it comes to something like this what we must do is release the resistance and realize we must trust the process if we're going about things and we're so hard trying to put our ego into it and control the outcome of something that many times acts as a block itself. And even the wording of us trying to do something implies that there is some type of struggle there. So the key to this is knowing that the first relationship we must nurture is our relationship with our selves.

How do we feel about who we are how do we perceive ourselves. Now if we look at ourselves and we see ourselves and we're constantly reaffirming that we are single we are single There's nobody here. And this reflects back to us that we don't feel whole and complete then what we do is we continue to perpetuate more of that feeling. And with that feeling comes that experience as well. So the key to this is starting to see ourselves in a completely new light. What is our self-image. Are we focused on things that we're confident about ourselves. Are we focused on knowing that we are already whole and complete. Because if we're not then what we're doing is we're searching for something outside of ourselves and we're trying to will ourselves to experience something that can't be forced. This must be about more trusting in the process.

Are we trusting the process of our life. Are we allowing things to happen or are we trying to fit puzzle pieces in where they're not supposed to go. So the reason I say this is because the key to this is starting to focus on you it's starting to simply have fun is starting to really let go of needing anything on the external to change before we change. Now this sounds like a funny metaphor but imagine going over to a mirror and asking for the mirror to change the reflection to change before you change. Now of course that sounds like something we would never really do but that's a lot of times what we do when we are saying that I will feel whole and complete when this happens because what happens is that distance of saying when this happens is a distance in a motion we aren't feeling it right now in the present moment.

So in order to really feel and embody the feeling of being whole and complete Now that comes from one the simple belief in awareness that you are already whole and complete that maybe growing up you saw what a Disney movies and a whole bunch of movies that showed you know happily ever after and meeting the right person and someone miserable before them really happy afterwards. But that's just conditioning. Realize that you can view yourself as right now in this moment. Already whole and complete and that with our focus in that direction of that perspective is starting to focus on things that you love about yourself things that you really appreciate about yourself. Maybe as your characteristics Maybe you have a light personality. You find that you're a very honest person you're a loyal person you find that there are certain things about you that really make you special and unique.

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