Relationship Goals Is Reality: Love, Faith And Marriage, Part 1

Relationship Goals is Reality: Love, Faith and Marriage, Part 1

Everyone has probably experienced those fateful moments when you stop and ask yourself a few questions in regards to relationships: When will I get married?, What will my future be in five years?, Will I ever meet my soulmate?Are all the good ones taken ?or Is God punishing me?….Funny right. The truth is God wants success with relationships for all of us, but we must trust him to lead us to it when he feels we are ready to receive and give.

Now, many people have watched Pastor Michael Todd’s Relationship Goals series as well as read his book. That is also why I created this series called Relations Goals is Reality. This is when I sit down with a few couples, and we discuss different aspects and seasons of finding and having successful relationships. Today, you will hear from a very special couple, Justin and Catesha Johnson. So sit back, grab some wine and a notebook and enjoy as we explore how these two were able to make Relationship Goals their Reality.

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