5 Things To Remove From Your Life | Tips To Help You Shut It Down!

5 Things To Remove From Your Life | Tips to Help You Shut it Down!

If you are wanting to be better or wanting to grow into your new you, you need to know how to shut it down! My name is Freddy Fri and I am here to give you five tips to help you shut down and help remove it from your life!
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This episode is designed to give you a few tips to help you transform into a new and improved you, I want to give you five things, that you have the power to shut down.

1. Negative Inner Thoughts:
– We all have been there right when you are on the brink of success, on the brink of your breakthrough, negativity shoots you in the brain.
(Oh you can't do that, Oh you don't want to leave him, the list goes on..)

The best thing you can do is shut it down, you have that kind of power, anytime you have negative inner thoughts do just that, shut them down and replace them with positive inner thoughts. something that you love, something that you like.

2. Fear:
– You have something that you want to do, you have something that you need to do, you have a gift inside of you that you need to share with the world, but you scared to take that jump, you're' scared to take that leap of faith.

You have to learn to let that fear go, even if it may not even be your gift but you may just be in a situation that you need to get out of, it may not be the ideal moment, or be super uncomfortable, and you're scared to make the decision of a lifetime.

3. Self-Doubt:
– It's very simple, you don't believe in yourself, and sometimes you really need to have somebody that believes in us more than we believe in ourself and I am your Ernest Walker and I believe in you.

So I need you to start believing in yourself, so when you say you want to do something and that self-doubt creeps in, shut it down immediately, and then just do it anyway!

4. Shut Down Toxic People:
– Your're surrounded by sewage, you just have all that negative energy, and all those negative forces are pulling at you each and every day, how in the world are you going to be happy, how are you going to succeed.

If you show me your friends I will show you your future, you have to eliminate those toxic people in your life! You tell them your new motto is NDA “No Drama Allowed”

Surround yourself with winners, surround yourself with people that bring positive energy into your life!

5. Looking for Validation from Others: Stop looking for validation from other people, never allow someone's opinion of you to become your reality, you do not need your validation.

You are the stamp and thus you're already approved, god gave you the stamp, god gave you the approval, so you don't need them.

Message me if you need a mental release or need any advise to help you overcome any adversity you are currrently facing!

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