Get Your Ex To Chase You Down (And Give Your Relationship A Second Chance)

Get Your Ex to Chase You Down (And Give Your Relationship A Second Chance)

— Get Your Ex to Chase You Down

Do you think that the only way to win your ex is back is by begging and pleading with them for another chance? If so, then think again! Believe it or not, the truth is that the ball doesn’t have to be in your ex’s court. In fact, there is a way to turn the tables and make it your decision to give the relationship another try. This may sound impossible, but it’s simply a matter of shifting power.

My name is Brad Browning, and today I’m going to talk to you about reversing roles to get your ex to chase after you. As some of you may already know, I’m a relationship and breakup coach from Vancouver, Canada. My online program, The Ex Factor Guide, teaches folks like you how to reverse a breakup and get a second chance with an ex.

So, like I said, this video is about how to reverse the roles and have your ex chase after YOU, instead of the other way around. First and foremost, you need realize exactly what is it you’re trying to do here, and that’s shift the power from your ex, to you.

At the time of the breakup, your ex was in complete control – They were the one who made the decision to breakup, and you were left feeling powerless. So much so that at the time you would have done anything to convince them to give your relationship another try.

But now, since the breakup is still very much a real thing and your ex hasn’t come crawling back, it’s time for you to put yourself in a position of power. To do this you’re going to need to accomplish three things:

You’re going to turn the tables.
You’re going to remove your ex’s safety net and…
You’re going to make them chase you.

So, let’s get started by talking about step #1… the disappearing act.

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