Start Doing This To Have Great Meditations| Meditation Tips For Spiritual Awakening

Start Doing This to Have Great Meditations| Meditation Tips for Spiritual Awakening

Visit to hear more samples of this Shakti Music. Watch the video and learn this one simple technique to have great meditations. This video is of a series of meditation tips for those on the path to spiritual awakening.

How to meditate deeply? How to start meditating? Put your hands together in front of your chest as if in prayer. Close your eyes and bow down to this moment.

If you prefer, you can bow down to a Guru or God but really it is about bowing down to peace, to Grace, to Infinite Goodness, to Bliss. You bow down to this moment surrendering egotism, arrogance, knowing something, being someone. You even surrender separation.

In this inner bowing, you let go of ego perception and your heart opens to what is really here at a deeper level. If you followed this guided meditation at the beginning, you already feel a sense of Divine Joy and Love that makes everything happy. Meditation becomes much easier and more enjoyable if you follow this simple meditation tip.

Just trying to “do” meditation from the ego, try to be aware, keeps you still separate from Joy at a subtle level. But when you inwardly bow down with devotion and humility, you naturally move into joy.

The ego is what keeps you from experiencing Infinite Bliss. When you transcend the ego completely in meditation, all that is left is Infinite Joy, Infinite Goodness, Infinite Love.

The most important part to spiritual awakening and going deep in meditation is to be in the presence of Shakti, the energy of spiritual enlightenment. When you receive this energy, you automatically begin to feel peace and bliss. Without Shakti, it is very difficult to meditate deeply.

Here are 3 easy way to receive Shakti: One is through meditation music that transmits Shakti. By listening to this “Shakti Music” you feel peace and bliss vibrating in and around your body. By resting in this feeling of bliss in this open feeling of surrender, meditation and spiritual awakening happens.

Thousands around the world have great meditations with this Shakti Music or simply listen to the music as an easy way to experience peace and bliss.. To hear more samples of this music visit

The 2nd way is to join my free online satsang/ Shakti Meditations that you can learn more about here

The other way is through these videos. Subscribe to my youtube channel. Some have reported going into deep states of bliss just watching the videos. So check out my channel and see if you start to feel really good 🙂

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