How To Meditate (For Beginners!)

How to Meditate (For Beginners!)

This is a tutorial on how to meditate for beginners. This meditation tutorial can also be of benefit to those who have some experience with meditation as well.

As a beginner, it is important to keep it simple, but also to try out enough techniques to find what works for you. That is why I combined a few different mindfulness meditation practices into this simple, yet powerful technique.

Additional Meditation Tips:

– Set a timer for 3-10 minutes to start (or just play an instrumental track)
– No need to try and ‘clear your mind', simply allow whatever arises to be there and use thoughts and sounds as cues to come back to the present moment.
– Try this technique for at least a week or two and see how you feel
– Check out my other videos on different meditation techniques

Thanks for watching!

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